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Water For Life

Water is living energy and the basis of all life. Quality water is essential for the health of plants, animals, humans, and the planet. The human body comprises over 70% water and the human brain comprises over 90% water. Water is not just a simple combination of hydrogen and oxygen as it is constantly in motion and changing within its many distinct isotopes. Water carries and stores energy information, is a conductor of vibration and frequencies, and it is a universal solvent.1

Unfortunately, typical water found in many lakes, streams and rivers is contaminated with chemicals, biological waste, and pathogens which destroy the vitality of water resulting in disease and poor health of plants, animals, and humans. Present methods of water treatment such as filtration and chemical additions kill water. Even with sophisticated treatment such as reverse osmosis and membrane filtration water will still carry the energies and frequencies of the contaminants.

Water Enhancement Systems provided by Water For Life Technologies are pre-programmed to restore and transform water to resemble that of a pure mountain spring with increased vitality (energy), improved hydration, and increased oxygen. No chemicals are used. There are no moving parts, and no power or maintenance requirements.

Water For Life Technologies

Water For Life Technologies evolved from more than 35 years of experience of Peter Webb working with frequencies to clean and heal farms, animals, plants, lakes, storm water ponds and sewerage lagoons. He observed how aerobic bacteria used oxygen to break down organic matter in the sludge on the bottoms of these water bodies eventually making the water clean and clear.

Being involved in agriculture most of his life, Peter Webb could see the amazing potential for animals, soils and crops. Increasing oxygen in ruminants had an immediate benefit on the bacteria in the digestive system of bovines, giving more complete digestion of nutrients, therefore lowering odor in the manure. This in turn carried over to the slurry where bio activity continued to break down the waste, resulting in little odor and requiring less mixing at spreading time. The farms using Water Enhancement Systems have reported having healthier calves with less scours and lower somatic cell counts for lactating cows.

Applying enhanced water to soil, rapidly makes the soil loose and malleable. For example, farmers in Wisconsin sprayed the enhanced water on the soil to increase oxygen deep in the soil, resulting in supporting healthier soil life, earth worm castings that cover the ground and increasing the nutrient value of crops. When enhanced water is sprayed on alfalfa the aphid and weevil populations disappeared and on sweet corn a brix of 25, well a above normal was recorded.

The Revitalizer

Fundamental to our innovative approaches is the increase of oxygen in water and the soil to enhance healthy microbial activity. Organic “waste” materials like sewage and manure are digested to become stable compost-like material. Also, since disease-causing bacteria can’t thrive in a highly oxygen environment these bacteria are greatly reduced or eliminated.

Over the past year we have shown that it is feasible to transfer nutrients and stable carbon from a sewage lagoon and other water bodies to fields and forests resulting in significant increase in crop yields. When carbon, phosphorous, and nitrogen have been transferred from polluted water that has been enhanced with oxygen to Revitalizer units in fields or forests, the nutrients are fixed in the soil to be assimilated by plants.

The basis of this innovative approach is that everything is energy and is supported by Albert Einstein’s statement that, "Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics."

Observations from the two most beneficial applications for the Revitalizer have been:

  1. For lagoons, lakes and ponds, the Revitalizer is a most effective means of digesting and reducing organic material from the bottom of water bodies and also reducing the phosphorous, potassium, nitrates and other contaminants
  2. For agriculture, the Revitalizer oxygenates the soil and ground water as well as aquifers. While checking the crops we found that the Revitalizer was drawing (or sequestering) nutrients from the atmosphere, including eight to ten tons of carbon per acre with other elements such as nitrogen and other green house gases.
  3. One small box can sequester 10,000 tons of carbon yearly.
    1. Crops were able to withstand the drought of 2016 better than crops outside of the Revitalizer System. There was less disease on the crops and a higher brix or sugar content, which repelled insects from the crops. Because of the nutrient density of these crops, animals increased their production on less food. Grains had stronger stalks and did not lodge during the wind and rain. Soybeans had mature pods from the bottom to the top and corn had dark green leaves, even though the cobs were almost dry. At harvest, the grain crops had a heavier bushel weight than those of the neighboring farms.
    2. Farmers in Wisconsin have reported the best corn crop they've ever grown with the Revitalizer.

Reference contacts can be provided if requested.

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