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The Problem

There is an imperative and widespread need for new, economical approaches and technologies to improve quality of land and water and this requires a fundamental change in attitude from currently treating land and water as inert commodities to treating land and water as living substances.

Water For Life Technologies (WFLT)

Water for Life Technologies (WFLT) has been working with the quantum and atomic levels of water and its components for several years. There are some thirty isotopes of water and even hydrogen and oxygen are much more complex than the conventional knowledge indicates. WFLT’s Revitalizer and Water Enhancement System (WES), which are made in Kemptville, Ontario, are environmentally safe and enhance natural processes (no chemicals, no moving parts, no power required). Installations of WFLT systems have been carried out in Canada, U.S., India, South Korea, and South America including several dozens of farms. Clean, enhanced water is the most important ingredient to maintain good health of soil, plants, animals, and humans. The Revitalizer and WES provide such water.

Using subtle energies at specifically prescribed resonant frequency patterns WFLT has developed and proven effective and low cost systems that improve land and water eco systems including increasing oxygen throughout large bodies of water including the bottom sediment. Because water is such a good conductor the treatment of large bodies of water is possible. With increased oxygen, aerobic conditions prevail to support nature’s self-cleaning processes to clarify the water and reduce nutrients in the water column thus reducing algae and excess macrophyte growth. Also, pathogens do not thrive in aerobic conditions.

The following two quotes from Albert Einstein will help provide some background explanation of the technology behind the Revitalizer and WES:

Fundamental to WFLT solutions is the increase of oxygen in water and the soil to enhance healthy aerobic microbial activity. A healthy aerobic microbial population themselves produce enzymes which can neutralize/degrade toxins and other contaminants. Organic "waste" materials like sewage and manure are aerobically digested to become stable compost-like material. Also, since pathogens can’t thrive in a highly aerobic environment pathogens are greatly reduced or eliminated.

It has been shown that it is feasible to energetically transfer nutrients and stable carbon into soil resulting in significant increase in crop yields. When nutrients such as carbon, phosphorous, sulfur, and nitrogen are energetically transferred, the nutrients are fixed in the soil to be assimilated by plants. For example, the Revitalizer is able to draw (or sequester) nutrients from the atmosphere, including up to 20 tonnes of carbon per acre yearly, with other elements such as nitrogen and other green house gases.

Water For Life Technologies evolved from more than 35 years of experience of Peter Webb working with frequencies to clean and heal farms, animals, plants, lakes, storm water ponds and sewerage lagoons. He observed how aerobic bacteria used oxygen to break down organic matter in the sludge on the bottoms of these water bodies eventually making the water clean and clear.

Being involved in agriculture most of his life, Peter Webb could see the amazing potential for animals, soils and crops. Increasing oxygen in ruminants had an immediate benefit on the bacteria in the digestive system of bovines, giving more complete digestion of nutrients, therefore lowering odor in the manure. This in turn carried over to the slurry where bio activity continued to break down the waste, resulting in little odor and requiring less mixing at spreading time. The farms using Water Enhancement Systems have reported having healthier calves with less scours and lower somatic cell counts for lactating cows.

Applying enhanced water to soil, rapidly makes the soil loose and malleable. For example, farmers in Wisconsin sprayed the enhanced water on the soil to increase oxygen deep in the soil, resulting in supporting healthier soil life, earth worm castings that cover the ground and increasing the nutrient value of crops. When enhanced water is sprayed on alfalfa the aphid and weevil populations disappeared and on sweet corn a brix of 25, well a above normal was recorded.

Each Revitalizer costs about $6,000 to install and can treat up to 3,000 acres.

If you are interested in pursuing this innovative and exciting approach to improve the soils and water of PEI I’d be pleased to provide much more details and testimonials and references from different applications of the systems.


Water For Life Technologies

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