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About Water for Life Technologies.ca/com

Water for Life Technologies is an organization committed to making a real change in the world by developing sustainable technologies that are working with nature(versus using chemicals). We provide low cost solutions/technology for the most basic global water problems for: i) animals, soils and crops, and needed clean drinking water which is affordable, for communities that are struggling with available drinking water issues.

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that water is living energy and the basis for all life and is essential for the health of humans, animals, plants and the planet. By developing technologies that work with nature and enabling individuals/communities to access affordable, sustainable systems that work, we can support more people /communities ability to have basic needs met for safe, energized water for: drinking, agriculture and animals .

Canada has endorsed the UN resolutions saying 'water is a human right'. However, in 2015 despite being home to seven percent of the world's renewable fresh water, a report by the Council of Canadians found as of January 2015 1,838 drinking water advisories were in effect across Canada (e.g., 139 were in First Nations communities that fall under Federal jurisdiction and 1669 were in counties or cities under provincial responsibility ). 1

As many communities are being affected by these water advisories, it is critical that when governments and communities examine and approve resource and development projects that: lakes, rivers and groundwater is taken into account in the development project being funded (i.e., sustainable, solutions, technologies, and/or remediation approaches that 'work with nature').

Industries, farmers, communities, governments and each of us as individuals can move to being part of the solutions...so that the precious resource 'our water' will begin being restored, and managed sustainably now... and for the coming generations. Sustainable and affordable approaches/ technologies can be put in place now and for the future.

'Water is a human right' that we each are care takers of. Let us each begin making a difference"

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1 Emily Chan, CTV News.ca, Published March 13, 2015, 9:03 AM EDT