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Water Enhancement System - (WES)

The Water Enhancement System (WES) is a ground breaking technology that purifies and energizes water. As water travels through the device, it flows and vortexes around crystal balls which have been programmed with specific frequencies to structure the water so it is like pure, clean water in nature that is truly healthy water. The WES (IS-77) is a compact in-line system is a food grade stainless steel (SS) system that houses quartz crystal balls and uses a vortex technology. The IS-77 Water Enhancement System used for water supply to small communities (less than 600 people).

WES IS-77 Stainless Steel (SS) system

This is an inline system (stainless steel enclosure) that easily connects into the existing water supply piping and/or storage tanks/delivery truck to provide enhanced water with increased vitality (energy), improved hydration, increased oxygen, and no pathogens. There are no moving parts, and no power or maintenance requirements.

Benefits for small communities
Enhanced water for small communities that results in clean, safe, good tasting water without chemicals.

316 stainless steel enclosure and rack
Quartz crystal balls are programmed (i.e., customization is done) to carry frequencies that program the water for optimal water quality to correct the specific small community water issues needing to be addressed.

WES FGH-44.4 Stainless Steel (SS) system side view WES FGH-44.4 Stainless Steel (SS) system end view