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May 12, 2017 - Today's Commission for the Ottawa interviews by Judith Matheson are with Andrew Michrowski about clean energy and Peter Webb about cleaning up after Flood 17. For further information, questions or to support their initiatives please contact A. Michrowski @ PACE paceincnet@gmail.com or Peter Web at Water for Life Technologies prcwbb@magma.ca

Testimonials - 2017

November 1, 2017

I am a cash crop vegetable farmer from Wallaceburg, Ontario. I grow corn, beans, wheat, peas, cucumbers, jalapeño peppers, sweet banana peppers, and black tobacco. I also have 9000 laying hens for egg production.

Approximately two years ago, I installed one of Peter Webb’s Water For Life Technologies WES (Water Enhancement System) in my well here on the farm. The WES is an amazing technology and supplies water to my house as well as my poultry barn and greenhouse.

In the Chicken Barn, I have noticed a number of things:

  1. egg quality is better than it ever has been
  2. shell strength is better
  3. less than 1 to 2% cracks per year
  4. less than 1 to 2% mortality per year
  5. manure odour is significantly reduced. I believe the chickens’ whole digestive system functions much better with higher levels of oxygen in the water. The manure seems to be more broken down (somewhat composted)
  6. the ammonia from the manure is greatly reduce because of the increased oxygen
  7. virtually eliminated the flies in the chicken barn. They just are not around like they used to be.
  8. overall appearance of the birds are better - combs are more red, and still fairly well feathered at the end of their laying cycle (roughly 72 weeks)

This is not just my observation, our egg board sends staff to monitor our flock along with a veterinarian. Both these people have commented on the good and healthy appearance of the birds for their age.

In addition to the chicken barn, the same water goes to my greenhouse and house. Rust and a foul smell were always a problem with my water, however, with water systems from WATER For Life Technologies (WFLT), the water smells good, the rust problem is probably 75% gone, and all the plants in my house and greenhouse grow Great. Before using Peter Webb’s WES unit in the well, this water would actually kill the plants if used long enough. It is now the completely opposite!

WFLT’s Revitalizer, I call it the smart box, is another technology which fits very well with the WES water unit and takes things to the next level and then some. The Revitalizer is capable of everything the WES unit does but functions everywhere not just in the water. It keeps your barn and animals balanced and it can be programmed to keep your feed balanced and other parameters that cause concerns. You have to understand that balance is the key. When things become unbalanced that's when disease and sickness and problems show up.

I installed WFLT’s Revitalizer in December, 2016 and connected all my farms and bushland at that time to start the process of rejuvenating and rebuilding the land. Specifications and objectives were defined and we focused more on cucumbers, peppers, and tobacco.

In the cucumber crop, emergence, seed vigor, and standability were excellent. The yield was phenomenal and we produced 1100 bushels per acre consisting of grades 2 and 3. Disease pressure was minimal, downy mildew, which is a real problem, was controlled very well. It was also interesting to note that I did not have any issues with Belly Rot in the cucumbers, whereas a lot of neighbouring farms did have issues with Belly Rot.

In the pepper crop, results for both jalapeño and bananas were also fantastic. I was contracted for 20 tons per acre of jalapeños and delivered 24 tons to the acre, and my best guess is that I left 8 to 10 tons per acre in the field. The banana peppers yielded approximately 23 tons per acre. I was contracted for 18 tons per acre and left approximately 5 to 6 tons per acre in the field.

Disease was not an issue for both pepper crops. Pepper weevil is a huge problem now and I found none in any of my peppers.

It is interesting to note, in neighbouring farms and other areas, there were disease problems, and pepper weevil problems causing some fields to be totally shut down.

The tobacco crop was also excellent. We haven't stripped or baled it yet, but I know it will be one of the heaviest crops if not the heaviest crop ever grown here.

The crops performed, and grew very well and they had excellent colour and foliage growth.

Like anything new there is a little bit of a learning curve and once you catch on to this, you will never look back. I am looking forward to next year with the Revitalizer. I have had great results with it and I believe it is the way of the future.

Peter has helped me greatly with his technologies and know-how. I've seen some pretty amazing things happening here.


Ross McCreary

TESTIMONIALS For the Water Enhancement System (WES)- for year of 2015

  1. PIG FARMS – U.S.A., Pigs were anemic looking with white coloured skin tone. It was noticed that 6 days after the pigs began drinking the water from the tubes...they turned PINK due to the increase of red blood cell production caused by the increase in dissolved oxygen from the unit.
  2. CHICKEN BARNS – U.S.A., Laying hens normally produce at a rate of 85 – 90% and have to be changed by the association after a 48 week period when their lay rate starts to drop down into the 70 percentile. (EX: 1000 chickens X .85 = 850 eggs laid per day, meaning 850 chickens out of 1000 laid 1 egg per day) After the 48 week period the association took record and realized that the hens were laying at a 98% rate, unheard of and this was after the standard 48 week change period for laying hens.
  3. VEGETABLE FARMS – CANADA, It was noted that one farm under study with the water tube unit was voted by AGRI-SUCCESS magazine a top producing farm, and EQUITERRE INC, a Quebec based organic farm organization representing over 250 organic farms voted this farm under study the number one organic producer for all categories for the summer outdoor and indoor 2014 growing season. CO-INCIDENCE?
  4. BEEF FARMS – U.S.A. & CANADA, Regarding outdoor manure pits. There were no flies or gnats in the barns or around the outdoor manure pits. As well as very little smell was noticed standing right beside the pits. This was due to the increased oxygen in the manure pits from the cows consuming the super rich dissolved oxygenated water which increased dramatically the microbes and their ability to break down the manure quickly into pure compost.
  5. TURKEY FARM (MINNESOTA, U.S.A.), This farm noted that the bedding inside their turkey barns was always wet and soggy and the air was full of dust. This dust would get into the lungs of the birds and workers and cause lung problems, quite often causing mortality to the turkeys. Once they installed the tube water unit the bedding stayed drier (making for a cleaner barn with a better smelling air), the dust in the barn disappeared (making the barn a healthier working place for the turkeys and the workers) helping eliminate the problem of turkeys with lung disease. WE believe that the turkeys would drink less water as our unit allows for better hydration from the increased dissolved oxygen and hydrogen. In essence the birds drank less water because they did not need as much to stay hydrated.
  6. PIG BARN (OHIO, U.S.A.), This farm had approximately 24,000 sows and bought the unit for the health qualities associated to super rich oxygenated water provided by our units. They noticed a remarkable effect the water unit had on the birth rate. At their farm the normal birthing for a sow was 10 piglets as a liter. The first birthing cycle after the installation of the water unit showed a 40% increase....from 10 to 14 piglets per liter. As well the piglets weighed in an extra 2 pounds after the first 3 weeks. The farmer told us the cost of the water unit was covered after the first week of use. AMAZING!
  7. SOYBEAN FARM (OHIO, U.S.A.), After spraying a heavy dose of herbicides to combat an infestation of weeds the soya crop was destroyed as it became toxic and the farmer took refuge at the Crop Compensation Bureau. This is an organization that offers farmers crop insurance should a catastrophic event befall them and they lose some or all of their crops. After examination of the fields and the data provided by the farmer the Bureau gave a 100% settlement for the lost soya crop. The farmer then asked if he could try to recover some of the fields by alternative methods. He was granted permission from the Crop Bureau as they were convinced it was a total write off and nothing could be done to save or restore any part of the lost crops. We were then contacted as the farmer knew of us. We installed an in-line water unit on his field sprayers, added some of our organic-agri nutrients and watered all the fields twice. Not only did the crop come back from the “dead”, but when the crops were examined for toxicity due to the herbicides there was none to be found. The water tube with the organic-agri nutrients got rid of the toxicity, as a result of the highly active oxygenated water. By the end of the season the crops came back and yielded 71 bushels per acre of soybean. This also was exceptional as a normal yield in those fields was 63 bushels per acre....there was an increase of 8 bushels per acre or a 12.7% increase in yield. Needless to say, the farmer was pleased.
  8. ALL U.S.A. FARMS IN THE MID-WEST using our water units are talking about what they ALL have seen by observation which has been supported by data collected on each of their individual farms. All are concluding that there is a strong possibility that they will cut back by up to 50% of all fertilizers to be used for the 2016 summer growing season. These are major crop farms growing corn and other grain crops for feedlots which support the American Beef Industry. This is a major breakthrough for Industry farmers and would save them great expense helping them to become much more profitable.
  9. ALL FARMS IN THE U.S.A.(crop and livestock ), have acknowledged the same findings concerning the flow rates in their respective irrigation systems, feeding systems or any of the water delivery systems used on the farms. There was ZERO restriction of flow due to mineralized (calcified) pipes. The varying water systems had ZERO mineral build up. Usually on these type of very large commercial farms there is always a problem with the watering systems where the delivery systems, pumps, pressure tanks, holding reservoirs must be flushed and cleaned with de-mineralizing compounds so as to remove build up and allow a better flow of water. Not only are these compounds extremely harsh and toxic but it is an expensive process to close a farms watering system and perform this task. With the water tube unit this was not needed at all on any of the farms. This amounts to big savings to the operational costs for any farm, especially those that use large amounts of water like indoor greenhouses.
  10. ALL FARMS IN THE U.S.A. (crop and livestock), have found through human observation and through chemical analysis that the smell in barns (attributed to high levels of ammonia in manure) and in manure pits over time have decreased dramatically. This is a common occurrence due to the super oxygen being released into the water molecules from the tube unit as this high oxygen results in a much faster breakdown of manure into actual compost where there is little or no smell. Analysis in manure pits and barn floors showed much lower levels of active ammonia. The smell became actually tolerable according to the farm owners.
    Also noted on all the farms that had high levels of sulphur and iron in their well water....the rotten egg sulphur smell was almost completely eliminated and the reduction of iron parts per million (P.P.M.) was down by 90%. These benefits alone give farmers ample reason to have a tube water unit operating in-line on the farm water systems.
  11. TURKEY AND PIG FARMS IN THE U.S.A. due to their massive size, these barns usually have a cool cell system. This is a wall system that has water continually running during the hot summer months to cool down the barns. This system is massive and has to have filtering stations to eliminate particulates of minerals that would clog up the piping system used to circulate the water. What was found, due to the high oxygen content of the water produced from the tubes is that the water cool cell systems DID NOT heat up near as much as before the installation of our water tubes. There was NO MINERAL build up in the piping system or the cell walls which allowed for a faster flow of water keeping the system cooler, allowing for the barns to remain cooler which at those hot periods is crucial for livestock to remain in good health. HEAT is a major factor to deal with as it is associated to high mortality for ALL LIVESTOCK animals. Reducing and controlling the heat in these massive barns from increasing the effectiveness of the cool cell water systems drops the mortality rate, saving the farmer from substantial losses to dead animals.
    Another benefit that all these farms shared dealt with the feeding of new born animals through a standard nipple feeding system. Since there was ZERO calcium build up or mineralization of the nipples the water flowed better and the system never got clogged.
  12. ALL CROP FARMS U.S.A. & CANADA show a consistent seasonally higher yield using the tube water unit, ranging from 8 – 12% depending on crop type and general growing conditions. This fact alone creates more than enough additional revenue to pay for the water tube unit. It has been noted within a very short period of time, usually weeks to months the unit is paid for.
    As important, it was consistently recorded that the quality of grain increased due to higher nutritional values.
    As well, fertilizer usage was recorded to be reduced by 20-25% consistently throughout the 2015 season. This reduction in fertilizer along with the reduction in distribution costs (tractor hours, fuel, labor hours, etc) to spread fertilizer more than justifies the reason/need for farmers to use these water units.
  13. CROP FARMS U.S.A. & CANADA, some of the crop farms, those that monitor regularly their usage of fertilizers and herbicides have noticed the following:
    • Using less fertilizer and herbicide gives better results in field.
    • Continual monitoring the amounts of the fertilizers and herbicides used is important when using the water tube units. Overtime (within a season) the amount needed to do the desired result will be much less. (Another variable directly related to this is the amount of water used in irrigation ---how many times the fields are sprayed with the water from the tube unit)
    • Over time, if you do not reduce the amount of fertilizers used you will notice residues of unused nutrients in and on the soil. It is suggested by farmers who presently use this technology to new crop farmers who wish to use this technology to watch the health of the plants rather than SOLELY relying on soil samples. For instance, if the plants (corn, soya, all grains, etc) appear healthy as compared to historical data, DO NOT feed again even if it is suggested to do so by the manufacturer of the fertilizer. It was noticed by many independent farms in different locations that feeding crops based on directions suggested by fertilizer manufacturers no longer applied to obtain high yields. This is directly related to the water tube unit and its ability to make all compounds more bio-available....meaning; less CAN BE best!
    • The water unit showed a steady neutralization of toxins normally found in plants due to chemicals used in modern day fertilizers and herbicides.
    • Farmers are claiming how one utilizes the soil is important and the water tube unit allows for better uptake of nutrients.
    • Plants will show results within hours when they are able to assimilate (up-take) nutrients properly. This water tube unit has the ability to change the STRUCTURE of the inputs (water, nutrients, herbicides, etc) which will change the bio-availability and increase substantially the intake by the crop of all nutrients. This is a specific advantage that the water tube unit was created and designed to do to assist farmers in lowering their operating costs while maximizing their quality and yields.
  14. BEEF FARMS U.S.A. that use the water tube unit have noticed that their beef is of superior quality when compared to beef from neighbouring farms that do not use the water tube unit. Some of the parameters used to measure the difference was marbling, traces of residues commonly found in beef due to herbicides and fertilizers and overall taste. The taste parameter was continually observed in American trade events or other type of farm association gathering where you would have a number of beef producers supplying beef products for the events. Time and time again it was reported by those farmers using the water tube unit that the general public would keep coming back to their tables remarking how their beef tasted superior to all the other vendors, Now, that’s proof in the pudding.
    This has led the American Beef farmers who use our water tube units to develop their own brand name which separates them from the rest of the beef association because these farmers feel that over time, their beef will be in a much higher demand due to the superior qualities mentioned. So by branding their product these farmers are making a STATEMENT saying ...”WE WANT OUR BEEF SEPERATED FROM THE REST”.
  15. A MUSHROOM GROWER, Netherlands., (From Andriana – WES representative in Netherlands). I am soooooo happy, I have spoken with our mushroom grower and it is amazing!!!!!!!
    He grows special kind of mushroom named pholiota nameko which is a kind of mushroom especially for restaurants who want something different. The base is something he receives from a factory who makes the content according to his recipe. It grows in 2 weeks and then he can pick the ripe ones every day for sales. The efficiency is 19% which is 475 grams per block, and now since using WES it is 21,5% which is 525 grams per block, in total 13,1% more weight.
    There are more quantity mushrooms which are smaller in height, and have better look and the moisture layer on top is kind of jelly, for protection, which gives it taste and shelf life (will keep the moisture in). But most important is the look and feel of the mushroom: it is a completely different mushroom, much nicer. You can see the pictures.
    This is already a huge result of the first run and we will continue to do so for coming weeks, so every 2 weeks we have new figures. Exciting!!!!
    Mushroom crop enhanced by the WES water system
    Mushrooms on the left are with WES water.


Peter Webb